Development of web content

Since 2015, Daniel Veith has developed the concept and content of a large number of websites, with and without the implementation of a backoffice based on PHP programming, all belonging to the VEITH Group. In each case, he acted as project manager, teamed with the programmers and graphic designers of the web development department of VEITH R+D Agency.

Development of web pages

Between 2007 and 2015, Daniel Veith programmed and extended his personal web page and all the other online presences of the first entities of VEITH Group, normally without resorting to pre-established templates, using the programming languages HTTP, CSS, JavaScript and PHP – the latter especially in the web portal of VEITH Institut, with which Daniel Veith became a pioneer in the registration and online management of language courses in Spain.

Development of IT applications

Throughout 2016, Daniel Veith developed the concept, the systematics and the internal logic of a computer application of academic supervision, whose technical realization was executed by a programmer under his direction. This innovative system aims to revolutionize the online management of educational institutions through the maximum automation of all administrative and educational processes.

Rehabilitation of buildings

As a late result of the "hobby" of studying architecture and civil engineering on his own through specialized books and designing buildings and skyscrapers in his youth (see the following two tabs), Daniel Veith has had the opportunity to project the complete rehabilitation of the headquarters of VEITH Institut from 2015 to 2018, at 31 Andrés Mellado Street, in Madrid, including the analysis of the entire legal part of the urban regulations.

Architectural projects

In his youth, Daniel Veith dreamed of the ideal job as an architect. From the end of the 80s, he spent hours and hours designing houses, airports, bridges and skyscrapers. However, an internship in an architecture studio in his hometown in 1998 distanced him from the idea of studying architecture, because he feared, at his young age, that he might end up as an architect building simple single-family houses in the German province.

Urban planning projects

Another strong interest of Daniel Veith has always been urban planning and strategic planning of cities; in addition to inventing comprehensive projects of futuristic cities, he, during his time as a member of the German association of "The Donaldists", researched the reconstruction of the city plan of Duckburg, based on the comic strips of American cartoonist Carl Barks.

Engineering projects

From the age of 6, inspired by the reading of Donald Duck comic books by his father, Daniel Veith identified himself with "Gyro Gearloose" ("Daniel Düsentrieb" in German, "Giro Sintornillos" in Spanish), the famous inventor of Duckworld, and on the drawing board, he began to create infinite numbers of technical sketches for warships, airplanes, high tech audiovisual systems and other fantastic machines.