In all his projects, Daniel Veith prefers to do every aspect with his own team, so as to optimize productivity and not to depend on third parties.


Daniel Veith was not only the screenwriter and director of the feature film Dawn in Sodom, but also participated in its production, headed by his wife Evelyn Veith. Both were responsible for the entire film project, from the selection of costumes and art design, through the organization of the set and the management of the shooting plan to the catering for the artistic team.

Online videos

Since the launch of the online television channel VEITH.TV with the interactive courses of German and English at the end of 2016, Daniel and Evelyn Veith dedicate a large part of their time to the production, edition and subsequent commercialization of the educational videos starring Daniel Veith, recorded in their own studio in the center of Madrid, taking advantage of the experience gained during the filming of their feature film six years earlier.

Reports on culture, society and travel

As a collateral product of the online language courses, Daniel and Evelyn Veith travel constantly to Germany and record videos to bring students closer to the culture and society of the German-speaking countries. This same type of reporting cycle is planned in the near future to support English and Spanish courses for foreigners.

Fashion passes

Through their image consultancy Top Image Factory and their event agency Creatention, Daniel and Evelyn Veith organized fashion shows, for example, for the Mexican company André Badi, which presented its 2010/2011 winter collection in the city of Salamanca in Spain. In addition to conducting photo shoots with those interested, Evelyn Veith conducted a market study to measure the viability and feasibility of the brand in Europe.


In the pre-production phase of the feature film Dawn in Sodom, Daniel and Evelyn Veith managed and conducted several days of various castings in Salamanca and Madrid, in order to select an international cast of professional and amateur actors for their independent film project. During these days, they evaluated in different rounds through auditions and practical exercises the acting ability of more than 200 candidates.

Congresses and conferences

In his role as researcher and university lecturer, Daniel Veith promoted international scientific congresses, for example, «Contrastivica», the first Ibero-Germanic meeting of contrastive linguistics, at the University of Salamanca in 2009. He also organized and conducted numerous tours in different cities and institutions in Germany with lectures about his reflections and socio-cultural comparisons between Germany, Spain, Portugal and Latin America, together with slide shows about his trips to America, Africa and Asia.

Brand representation

After the first events for dressmaking brands such as André Badi, from Guadalajara/Mexico, promoted principally through Top Image Factory and Creatention firms, both entities of VEITH Group, Daniel and Evelyn Veith expanded the scope of their operations and founded International Corporate & Business Consulting to advise companies in the management of their intellectual property, with branches in Spain, Malta and Costa Rica.