Madrid, from 2015

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In order to provide adequate editorial and commercial support for the large number of works created by Daniel Veith and his research agency VEITH R+D Agency, in 2015, Daniel Veith establishes the scientific, educational and literature publishing house «Litamorphosis» that publishes the books, manuals and teaching material for VEITH Institut, the future VEITH University and the physical and virtual products of the other VEITH Group entities. Up to the end of 2017, «Litamorphosis» has already published more than 50 different titles.


VEITH Method

Madrid, from 2015

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While the publishing label of «Litamorphosis» deals with the production and marketing of books and didactic material for sale to the general public, Daniel Veith created a second label called «VEITH Method» under which he publishes all the «Vademecums» (the manuals for the teachers), the standardized procedural guides of VEITH Group and the other books exclusively for internal use of the business group. Previously, between 2012 and 2015, both types of publications – public and internal – had been published under the same label of «VEITH Institut”.


Globalligence Editions

Madrid, from 2012

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With the start-up of the human resources management company Globalligence, dedicated to the selection of executives, professionals and technicians at international level, Daniel Veith started the book series «Globalligence Editions», with highly specialized publications, addressed to the different professional groups, for example, German thematic vocabularies for doctors, nurses or electricians. Since the creation of the «Litamorphosis» commercial publishing house in 2015, «Globalligence Editions» continues as an imprint of «Litamorphosis».


VEITH Institut

Madrid, 2012-2015

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Since the foundation of the first VEITH Institut language school in Madrid in the autumn of 2012, Daniel Veith has decided not to leave the management and control of his intellectual work in the hands of other people or institutions and has begun publishing the textbooks and vocabularies for the students and the didactic manuals of his method under the independent editorial label of «VEITH Institut», taking advantage of his experience of more than 25 years in all the processes of the professional edition of magazines and books.



Salamanca, 2008-2010



During his residence as lecturer of German Philology at the University of Salamanca in Spain (2007-2011), Daniel Veith and two fellow Spanish researchers established in 2008 the non-profit cultural association «LING/K» dedicated to the research and documentation of minority languages, such as Leonese, Luxemburgish or the mother tongues of European immigrants in the Americas. In the following two years, Daniel Veith made several monographic and dissemination publications for this association as author, layout designer and scientific editor.



Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern,
Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, from 2007

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In 2007, Daniel Veith started the online language journal «Mikroglottika – An International Journal of Minority Language Philologies» which was extended the following year in a series of monographic books called «Minority Language Studies» and published by the renowned Swiss academic publisher Peter Lang Publishing, with scientific emphasis on the linguistic and social problems of ethnic minorities and migrant groups.





Private editions

Tauberbischofsheim, Salamanca, 2001-2011



In 2001, to launch his first novel «The Return of Vespucci» without relying on an external editor, Daniel Veith became a visionary of online publishing and E-books, publishing his 600-page work in the innovative format of an «Internet Happening» through a series of 10 deliveries in PDF, with the participation of the readers in the «Vespucc(i)ommunity», a previous form of social networks. In the same independent way, but now as printed books, he published several anthologies of his articles and journalistic reports and the original and the 8 translations of his film script «Dawn in Sodom«.





Early editions

Tauberbischofsheim, 1986-2000


Since his childhood, Daniel Veith has worked in the field of publishing, starting with a first magazine for children at the early age of 6 years. In addition to the overall conception of this 20-page work, its graphic design and drawings, he also wrote all the typed texts, having previously studied the use of typing in a self-taught way, based on a guide for adults. In the following years, he published a large number of magazines and comic books under his own private label.