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Dr. Daniel Veith was born in 1980 in Bad Mergentheim and spent his childhood and youth in Tauberbischofsheim, in southern Germany.

He studied in Romance philology, German philology and art history in Germany, Chile and Italy (2001-2003) and has a master’s degree (2004) and doctorate (2006) in linguistics from the University of Würzburg in Germany.

A scholar of studies (Chile, 2003) and research (Argentina, 2005-2006) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

University lecturer in Brazil (2004-2005) and the University of Salamanca in Spain (2007-2011), he is the creator of the VEITH Method and co-founder of VEITH Institut Language Schools, VEITH.TV and all other VEITH Group entities.

A journalist for leading German newspapers and magazines such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Stern, he has travelled throughout almost 80 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

He speaks, has worked, and researched with 12 languages. After writing his first novel at 18 years of age, he has since written and illustrated with his own drawings more than 160 scientific, didactic and literature books, with another 40 books in preparation for the years 2018/2019, not counting his activities as a presenter, screenwriter, photographer and film director. His works have been translated into 8 languages.


Childhood and youth


Born in Bad Mergentheim, a spa resort in southern Germany, in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg; son of Roland Veith, high school teacher, and Edith Veith, director of the Department of Health of the provincial administration of Tauberbischofsheim; one sister, Nicola (* 1984), press spokesman of a German university, and one brother, Christian (* 1988), high school teacher

1984 – 1987

Kindergarten in Tauberbischofsheim (Germany)

07/1997 – 08/1997

Journey by car through Scandinavia, from Tauberbischofsheim via Denmark, Sweden and Norway to the North Cape (12,000 km)

1991 – 2000

«Gymnasium» (~ secondary school) in Tauberbischofsheim; several exhibitions and national art prizes; trips throughout Europe from Sicily to the North Cape (Norway), more than 20 times to Italy


Beginning of the development of the VEITH Method as a personal system of rapid, logical-systematic and highly effective learning, to learn languages in a self-taught way, starting with Italian, and to reduce the preparation for exams in secondary school to the minimum – usually in less than 1 day


First trip outside Europe to the United States (New York)


«Abitur» (~ high school final exam) with an average final grade of 1.3 (1.0 is the best of 1.0 – 6.0) and awards for extraordinary results in Latin and art; preparation for all the subjects to be examined in a single week

06/2000 – 08/2000

Travel by pickup truck through Alaska, the Yukon Territory and the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks (9,000 km)

09/2000 – 07/2001

Civil service in the Tauberbischofsheim hospital; worked as a receptionist / administrator and participated as an operating room assistant in all kinds of surgical interventions, particularly of the thyroid glands, by exceptional authorization of the hospital’s chief surgeon, Dr. Albrecht Meinel

02/2001 – 03/2001

First trip to South America (Chile): participated in a camp for children with limited resources and in another international camp of the International Kolping Society; as preparation for the trip, learned the Spanish language in 5 days

06/2001 – 07/2001

Travel to New York and Texas, taking a session of artistic photos of the Twin Towers a few months before their destruction

10/2001 – 02/2003

University of Würzburg (Germany), studies of «Magister Artium» in Romance philology, German philology and art history (3 semesters); teaching private German lessons to foreign students, applying the VEITH Method to third parties for the first time

03/2002 – 04/2002

Travel by pickup truck through Patagonia from Santiago de Chile to Tierra del Fuego (12,000 km)

Globetrotting years

03/2003 – 07/2003

University of Chile in Santiago (Chile), scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); German tutoring lessons to Chilean students and students from other Latin American countries; trips to central and southern Chile and to Argentina (Mendoza, Northern Patagonia)

07/2003 – 09/2003

Travel by pickup truck through the Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile from Santiago de Chile to Machu Picchu (18,000 km)


Travel to Buenos Aires to research Italian immigration, part of the master’s thesis and the doctoral thesis

10/2003 – 11/2003

Travel by bus and train through Ecuador (4,000 km)

02/2004 – 05/2004

University «Federico II» in Naples (Italy), ERASMUS scholarship; German tutoring lessons to Italians

05/2004 – 07/2004

University professor of Romance linguistics in Würzburg; German tutoring lessons for foreign students and preparation of Latin American students for German university entrance exams (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang / DSH)


«Magister Artium» (M.A.) with final grade 1 (maximum grade), all in 3 semesters (normally 9-12); thesis: «Me quiame Franchisque Cocoliche – About the Italian-Spanish linguistic contact in the River Plate» (167 pages, normally 80-100, investigation and writing of the thesis in 3 weeks)

07/2004 – 01/2005

Lecturer for German language at the University «Filadélfia» (UNIFIL), at the language school «Kids & Teens» and with private students in Londrina / Paraná (Brazil), applying for the first time the VEITH Method at institutional level; trips through southern Brazil, northeast of Argentina and Paraguay


Beginning of work as a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Stern

01/2005 – 03/2005

Travel by car throughout Brazil from São Paulo to the Amazon (14.000 km)

03/2005 – 04/2006

Scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Argentina to carry out sociolinguistic and ethnographic studies for the doctoral thesis «Italian in the River Plate – A contribution to linguistic contact studies in a Romance context»; completion of the investigation in less than 3 months; trips to central Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil

07/2005 – 08/2005

Travel by pickup truck through the Argentinan Andes (5,000 km)

11/2005 – 01/2006

Travel through the center of South America (Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguayan Chaco, Bolivia, Chaco Argentino; 10,000 km)

05/2006 – 08/2006

Evaluation of the results of the research in Argentina and writing of the doctoral thesis in just 3 months; trips to eastern Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg

09/2006 – 11/2006

Research for a literary-journalistic project in Brazil


“Doctor philosophiae” (Dr. phil.) at the University of Würzburg with «outstanding» final grade

01/2007 – 09/2011

Lecturer for German language and linguistics at the University of Salamanca; trips throughout Europe (Iberian Peninsula, France, England, Malta, Finland, Poland, the Baltic countries and others), North Africa and the Caucasus


Creation of the scientific journal on the study and documentation of minority languages “Mikroglottika”

03/2007 – 04/2007

First trip to Morocco

07/2007 – 09/2007

First trip through the Balkans: Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy

07/2008 – 09/2008

Travel through the Caucasus: from Turkey to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, during the armed conflict between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia


Creation of the non-profit cultural association «LING/K» dedicated to the research and documentation of minority languages

07/2009 – 09/2009

Journey through the Middle East: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon

12/2009 – 01/2010

Second trip through the Balkans: Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

03/2010 – 04/2010

Travel through Poland, Ukraine, Transnistria, Moldova and Romania; between 2003 and 2010, Daniel Veith was traveling for more than 6 months every year

Entrepreneur years
(2011 onwards)


Creation of independent film production company Daniel Veith Productions, which later changes its name to Illusomnia Productions

09/2010 – 01/2011

Shooting of the feature film «Dawn in Sodom» on 21st century immigration


Creation of image consultacy Top Image Factory


Creation of the advertising and event organization agency Creatention

08/2011 – 09/2011

Travel by car through Tunisia (6,000 km)


Transfer from Salamanca to Madrid, to prepare the opening of the first VEITH Institut


Creation of the first commercial entity Veith Enterprises, S.L. in Madrid


Opening of the first VEITH Institut in Madrid, at 83 Goya Street, in the prestigious Salamanca district


Creation of the business divisions Globalligence, VEITH Zertifikat and the research agency VEITH R+D Agency

12/2013 – 01/2014

Travel by car through Costa Rica and the United States (Florida); creation of a company in Costa Rica, as a preparation for the future expansion of the group to Latin America


Creation of ICB Consulting and the VEITH business group

12/2014 – 01/2015

Travel through China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines


Creation of the business divisions Litamorphosis, Workery and Cloister Conventions


Marriage to Dr. Evelyn Veith (nee García), in Frankfurt / Main and at the Johannisberg Convent in the Rhine Valley

06/2015 – 07/2015

Travel by auto-caravan through Iceland (2,000 km) and by car in the United States, from New York through Washington and the southern states to Charlotte (1,500 km)


Transfer to the new premises at 31 Andrés Mellado Street in Madrid, of 1,000 square meters and 44 spaces and classrooms

12/2015 – 01/2016

Withdrawal of work and research in Portugal


Creation of the business divisions VEITH Travel, VEITH.TV, Rest for the Soul and Ecclesia Plus


First broadcast of the online television channel VEITH.TV

12/2016 – 01/2017

Travel by car through the Yucatan Peninsula and all of southern Mexico to Oaxaca (5,000 km)


Creation of business divisions VEITH Aula and Kinderlingua

04/2017 – 05/2017

Second trip by car through Morocco (5,000 km)


Publication of book number 100

10/2017 – 11/2017

Market exploration trip to the United States (Miami), Mexico (Mexico City and Puebla), Costa Rica (San José and the metropolitan region) and Colombia (Bogotá)


Throughout 2017, Daniel Veith has achieved maximum productivity: he has written and published 61 books in a single year