Daniel Veith is the creator of the VEITH Method, a system of rapid, logical-systematic and highly effective learning, capable of revolutionizing modern education.

The effectiveness of this innovative didactic model has been demonstrated with excellent results for nearly 20 years in universities and language schools in Europe and Latin America.

Since the 90s, Daniel Veith has developed the VEITH Method as a personal system of rapid, logical-systematic and highly effective learning to study languages in a self-taught way and to complete his university career and his doctorate in record time. This method, which can be applied to the learning of any didactic content, has been adapted by Daniel Vieth into a first version for the general public to the study of languages, in particular, to a German course aimed specifically at Spanish speakers.

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In 2012, Daniel Veith and his wife Evelyn Veith, Ph.D. in economics, business and market research, founded the first VEITH Institut language center in Madrid, to support Spaniards in their linguistic training to find employment in the German-speaking countries. This institute has become the reference of seriousness and quality in the Spanish educational environment. Up to 2015, more than 4,000 students have been trained there, 80% of the new students being recommended by graduates themselves.

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As a complement to the on-site courses, the Drs. Veith launched the online television channel VEITH.TV, where online versions of language courses are being broadcast since the beginning of 2017, so that students from any country can learn German, English or Spanish with the VEITH Method, without the need for a physical institute in the vicinity; instead via didactic videos, virtual master classes, reports, socio-cultural documentaries, teleconferences, interactive learning material and exercises.

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The vision of the Drs. Veith and the final destiny of VEITH Method, the VEITH Group and its philanthropic division VEITH Foundation is the creation of a university, thought to be the cradle of tomorrow’s intelligence. It will be devoted to the development of an integral academic curriculum based on the ideological values of the VEITH Method, as a dynamic, substantial alternative with maximum commitment to teaching quality, oriented to practice, to professional life and, above all, to success in learning.

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